Creating a Limited FINSYNC Profile

Eddie Davis -

You may have received an invite to FINSYNC's limited plan from a customer or vendor who already uses FINSYNC to run their business.

The Limited Plan automatically creates a record of invoices or requests to pay your bill, so you can see historical activity and issue payment securely.

Follow these steps to set up your free profile.

1. You likely have received an email that looks like this. Click "View Invoice" or "View Bill" to enter the portal.


2. If you already have a FINSYNC account associated with your email, you'll be asked to sign in.  Assuming you don't have an account yet, you'll fill out the sign up form.



3. Once you set up a profile, you'll be able to the invoice in your inbox. 


4. Click "Bank Account" and you'll be able to add your payment information for future payments.


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