Payments Inbox Explained

Eddie Davis -

For FINSYNC Payments Plan users, you'll only use the Payments Inbox module and can upgrade at any time if you need full invoicing, bill pay and accounting capabilities.

Business Pro users may prefer to use the Payments Inbox if your invoices and bill payments are simple.

The Payments Inbox centralizes both inbound and outbound requests and their subsequent payments into a simple, chronological inbox that functions very similarly to an email inbox.

Additionally, you'll get email notifications when you have vendors requesting payments but also when customers wish to pay you.

Each payment in the inbox looks like this:


You can click "View" to see more detail. Notice that when your customers invoices you, you can create an expense.


As you issue and receive payments through the system, the status of each item changes from "Awaiting Action" to "Completed" and FINSYNC saves historical data for future reference automatically.


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