Using the 1099 Payment Report

Eddie Davis -

The 1099 Payment Report is where you can see your activity with all or a subset of your 1099 contractors over a period of time.


In FINSYNC when you pay a 1099 contractor through the "Expenses" tab, they are a Vendor.

When you pay a 1099 contractor through the "Payroll" tab, they are a 1099 Associate.

If you make payments to the same 1099 contractor through both "Expenses" and "Payroll" tabs during the same period, you will need to sum those rows of the report to get to the total payments for that 1099 contractor for that period.

The various settings on the 1099 Payment report are as follows:

1) The first dropdown defaults to "All" which means it will show payments to both 1099 Associates and Vendors. If a person was paid as both (through Expenses and Payroll), those payments will need to be summed to get the total for the period.


You can choose to only show Vendors or only show 1099 Associates.


2) You can use the "Time Period" dropdown to select the period you want to examine. If you want to verify what various contractors should show on their 1099 filings, you should choose Contractor Type: "All," Time Period: "Last Year," and be sure to check "Include payments by credit card."


3) If you want to look at individual contractors, you can use the "Vendor" and "1099 Associate" fields to pick them. You can also look at all of your "graphic design" contractors at once and things of that nature.


4) You can switch the "Minimum total payments:" field to $0 if you want look at every single entity you marked as 1099.  This may be helpful in double checking that you didn't forget to mark a bill to a contractor.



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