Customer Records: How to Store Payment Info

Eddie Davis -

FINSYNC allows you and your customer to streamline payment in various ways. If your customer authorizes you and gives you their account info, you can store it on their record and draft their account when you invoice them.

You will need your customer's bank account number and routing number. Both of these can be found on a paper check.

Follow these steps to store a customer's payment info:

1) Click "Income" in the top nav.

2) Click "Customers" in the left nav.


Note: You can navigate here directly by hovering the cursor over the "Income" tab and selecting "Customers."


3) Click the row of the customer to which you want to store payment info.


4) Click "Customer" in the menu bar at the top of this customer detail page.


5) Click "Edit" next to "Receive ACH Payments."


6) Fill out the required fields:

  • Bank - name of customer's bank.
  • Account # - unique number for the customer's account.
  • Routing # - number specific to the customer's bank. 9 digits.
  • Account Type - Choose the correct type.

7) Click "Save."


Once you have completed these steps, you can choose to Auto-Draft your customer at the time of invoicing.

All Done! 

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