Single Journal Entries: How to Create

Eddie Davis -

FINSYNC allows users with rights to reports to make journal entries. 

Follow these steps to make a single journal entry:

1) Click the "Reports" tab in the top nav.

2) Click "General Ledger" in the left nav to expand the dropdown.


Note: If you hover the cursor over the “Reports” tab, you can select “General Ledger” from the dropdown menu.


3) Click "Journal Entries" in the left nav in the expanded menu.

4) Click "New Journal Entry" in the top right.


5) Leave the toggle set to "One-time Entry."

6) Add a description.

7) Adjust the "Posting Date" or leave it as is.

8) Pick at least two categories (general ledger accounts) and make sure that debits match credits.

9) Click "Save."


All Finished! 


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