Customer Records: Adding Contacts

Eddie Davis -

FINSYNC allows you to have as many contacts on each customer as you require. You can then choose to send invoices and other communications to any of those people or all of those people.

Setting up contacts on customers is easy. Follow these steps:

1) Click "Income" in the top nav.

2) Click "Customers" in the left nav.

3) Click the row of the customer record to which you want to add a contact.


Note: You can navigate here directly by hovering the cursor over the "Income" tab and selecting "Customers."


4) Locate the customer to which you wish to add a new contact and hover the cursor over the down-arrow icon on the right side of that row.  

5) Select "Add Contact" from the menu.


6) Fill out a minimum of the name and email address.

7) Click "Add Contact."


All Done! 

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