Recurring Invoices: Setting Up Credit Card Charges

Eddie Davis -

FINSYNC allows you to set up recurring invoicing with credit card charges if you have access to your merchant processing provider's dashboard.

You must set up the credit card information and date to charge within your merchant processor's dashboard. Once you have done that, set up FINSYNC to send the invoices with the payments against them so that your customer gets their receipt.

For this example, you have already set up an invoice to go out once every month, and you now have permission to charge that customer's credit card at the same time as invoicing.

Follow these steps:


1a)  Hover the cursor over "Income" in the top nav to select "Invoices"



1b)  Click "Income" in the top nav, then click "Invoices" in the left nav.


2) Click the "Recurring" button in the top right.


3)  Click the row of the invoice that you want to change to charge by credit card from now and in the future.


4)  Scroll down towards the middle and click the "Setup auto-payment" box. The page will display more options.

5)  Choose the "Credit Card" toggle.

6)  Change the Email Receipt field to "Day of payment" setting.


 8)  Double check that the dates match your settings in your merchant processing dashboard and click "Save Recurring Invoice."

Your customer will now receive invoices marked as paid on the schedule that you set. Those invoices can also be downloaded as PDFs.


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