Associates: How to View & Download Paystubs

Eddie Davis -

Accessing and downloading your pay-stubs is easy. Follow these steps:

1) Log in to FINSYNC

2a) If you are both an associate and an administrator, click "Associate View" in the top right corner of the FINSYNC app.  You will then see the same page as an associate (image 2b).

2b) If you are an associate that has been invited into a FINSYNC account by an administrator, then you are automatically directed to the "Associate View" page upon logging in.



Note: Within this "Associates View" (or Associates Portal), you are able view your own:

  • Time-sheet
  • Projects & Tasks (assigned to you)
  • Expenses incurred (incurred on projects)
  • Pay Stubs & Tax Information

3) Click the "Pay" tab in the top right navigation to view your pay stubs for each pay date.


4) Click on the specific pay date that you wish to view. From there can view, download and print your pay stub for your personal records.


All Finished!


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