Bank Transactions: Removing Attributes

Eddie Davis -

FINSYNC gives you an easy way to track attributes directly from the "Banking" screen. You can then use attributes to run specialized reports. If you are unclear about attributes, see below for additional articles.

Note: You can remove attributes one by one, or all attributes of one transaction with a single click.

Removing attributes of bank transactions is easy. Follow these steps:

1)  Click the "Banking" tab in the top nav.

2)  Select the bank account on the left nav that is linked to the transaction you want.  If you only have one bank account synced, then it will be selected automatically.

3)  Scroll down and click the row of the transaction where you want to remove attributes.  You will then have two options of how to remove attributes (see 4a or 4b)


4) Use the "x" in the field for each attribute that is in use to remove it and set it none.

5)  Click "Save" to lock in your adjustments to attributes.


All Finished!

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