Inventory Items: How to Add

Eddie Davis -

Creating new inventory items in the catalog is easy. Follow these steps:

1)  Click "Catalog" in the top navigation.

2)  The screen should default to "Inventory" in the left navigation. If not, click "Inventory."

3)  Click "New Item" on the right, just above the table.


4)  Choose a Sales Account.  

Note: If you need to create a new Sales Account for this item, click "Add account" to create a new sales account within your Chart of Accounts (COA).  To learn how to perform this step (Click Here)

5)  Give the item a name and a description.

6)  Choose the default selling price of the item, also called "sales price."

7)  You may optionally add a description and vendor related fields.

8)  Click "Save."


All Finished!


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