Payroll Module

Eddie Davis -

The Payroll Module is a great option for people who want super simple payroll with dedicated support.


Administrative portal inside their existing FINSYNC dashboard.

Manage W-2 and 1099 team from same portal

Associate portal

Mobile time clock

Integrates with projects (if added to Business Pro plan)

Integrates with firm level accounting (if added to Business Pro plan)

State documents filed

Federal documents filed

W-2s generated

1099s generated

Associate's Portal

Time sheet for both firm time and project time

Expense claim management

Download paystub

Update personal info

1099 access

W-2 access

Mobile Time Clock

1099 access

W-2 access

Clock in from individual device

Clock in from group device


Sharing & Permissions

Extra administrative users free (internal and external)

Remove access at any time

Payroll visibility can be given or hidden on a user by user basis


$30/business entity in addition to either the Payments or Business Pro plan. Extra administrative users free. No contract.

$.50/ACH direct deposit.

$4.00/direct employee per payrun. Discounts available for 10 or more direct employees (W-2s).

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