Business Pro Plan

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The Business Pro Plan has great functionality for firms that may wish to add payroll and projects later.


Bank sync with 99% of US bank accounts and credit cards

Manual bank account option

CSV/Excel transaction import

algorithm that learns how you categorize transactions and starts suggesting that category

algorithm that matches bank transactions to pending invoices and bills paid through FINSYNC

Ability to add attributes, projects, customers and vendors to transactions


Customer database that supports multiple contacts per customer

All activity tracked to customers

Invoice branding that accepts PNG, JPG, and GIF logos

Invoices connected to projects

Advanced accounts receivable tracking

Invoices payable by lockbox

Invoices payable by ACH

Invoices payable by charge card (optional integration)


Sales Orders

Unapproved box


Vendor database

Vendor activity tracking

Receive bills by email

Receive bills by lockbox

Unapproved box

Purchase orders

Pay Bills by outgoing ACH

Pay bills by remote check cutting


Received checks deposited and automatically matched to invoices

Received bills automatically scanned and uploaded (not paid)


General ledger

Trial balance

Opening Balances

Journal Entries

Income Statement

Balance Sheet

A/R Aging

A/P Aging

Cashflow Statements

Export to CSV

Export to PDF

Attributes: locations, departments, associates

Comparative reports

Single attribute reports

Service Catalog

Create unlimited services

Links to invoicing

Links to projects


Create unlimited inventory items

Links to projects

Links to POs

Links to payables

Links to invoicing

Sharing & Permissions

Extra administrative users free (internal and external)

Customizable permissions (no access, view only, add, approve, send, pay, etc.)

Remove access at any time


Historical trending

Donut chart presentation of inflows and outflows

Budget and variance for up to 3 years (multiple models)

Financial metrics


$45/business entity. Extra administrative users free. No contract.

$.50/ACH incoming or outgoing.

$1.00 per paper check issued (includes stamp and envelope).

$1.00 lockbox deposited check

$1.00 lockbox scanned bill

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