Administrative Users: How to Add

Eddie Davis -

FINSYNC allows you to give access to all of your administrative team as well as your accountants and investors with permissions that you set.

Adding new administrative users is easy. Follow these steps:

1) Login to FINSYNC.

2) Click the QUICKLINKS button in the top right of the app for a drop-down menu to appear.

3) Click USER ACCESS in the middle column at the bottom menu.

4) On the "Account Sharing" page, click the INVITE dropdown menu on the far right, and select USER.

The "Invite User" page opens.

5) Enter the user's First Name, Last Name and Email in the required fields.

6) Check the "Invitation" box labeled COMPANY'S PROFILE, and the permissions menu will open.

6) Set the new user's permissions.

Note: By default, new users have no permissions selected until you select them.

7)  Click "Send Invite."


1) Click on SETTINGS in the top right of the app.

2) Click on SHARING in the left-hand navigation panel.

3) Click on the INVITE dropdown menu on the right of the page

4) Select USER.  Then proceed as shown above.

 All Finished!


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