Trends: Overview

Eddie Davis -

FINSYNC's Trends dashboard is where you can analyze the performance of your business with graphs that show you how money is moving in your company.

Checking up on your business is easy with Trends. Follow these steps:

1)  Login to FINSYNC.

2)  Under the "Dashboard" tab, click "Trends."


3)  Choose the type of transactions you want to analyze in the left nav under "Trends." The active transaction type will be highlighted.


4)  Decide how you want the data to be presented using the drop downs for sub-category, other attributes and the time period you want to examine.


5)  Mouseover the graph or chart to see how each line item fits with your overall financials.

6)  Double click on any line item to drill down to the component transactions.


7)  You will all of the transactions that make up that line item. Click "View All" if you want to return to the previous screen.


Feel free to navigate around the various tabs on the Trends dashboard to better understand inflows and outflows of money from your company.

All Finished!


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