Associate's Time: How to Add (as an Administrator)

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FINSYNC's Projects module is connected to the Time Tracking module so that your associates (employees and contractors) can track their time to projects using their login and time tracking portal (Learn More)

However, you can also enter time for associates as an administrator on that project.

Adding time for an associate as an administrator is easy. Follow these steps:

1)  Login to FINSYNC as an administrator.

2)  Click the "Quick Links" QuickLinksIcon.png icon in the top right and select "Add Time."


3)  Fill out the "New Time Entry" form, including:

  • Customer – Required if you want to send an invoice from the billable hours (see below)
  • Project
  • Task
  • Associate – Only associates that are assigned to the task will be shown. If you don't see the correct associate, you need to open the task and add the associate to it.
  • Time Spent – The actual hours worked.  You can mark some or all of these hours as billable
  • Date – When this time was worked.
  • Choose whether or not you will invoice the customer for this time.  If you mark the box to invoice a customer, the system defaults the billable time to the time spent, but you can adjust it up or down.
  • Description – Optional: Use the "Description" box to add notes you wish to make visible on the invoice to the customer.
  • Admin Notes – Use the "Admin Notes" box to add notes you only want to make visible to other admins.


4)  To invoice a customer for some or all of this time, mark the box "Invoice customer..."  You will then be able to input the number of billable hours associated with this time entry.




To add multiple time entries for an associate, follow these steps:

1)  Click on the "Projects" tab.

2)  Click on "Associates" in the top right, and select "Add Time for Associates."


3)  Select the associate whose time you are adding.

4)  Select the project, phase, and task to which the time will be added.

5)  Click the cell of the day when this time was worked, and insert the number of hours worked.


Note: For any single associate, you may add time to multiple tasks across multiple phases within this page. Simply click "New Line" and repeat the process.  You must select a project before phases and tasks will become available.

6)  Click "New Timesheet" to add time for another associate within this page.

7)  Click "Save Time" when you have finished adding your associates' time.

Note: You can go forward to add time entries for the same task for other associates or add time entries to other tasks as well.

All Finished!


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