Project Budgets: How to Set

Eddie Davis -

FINSYNC has a powerful project budget tool so that you can track how closely you followed your budget and execute more profitable projects going forward.  This article explains how to create new budgets and edit budgets for projects, and gives descriptions for the different settings.

Setting up a project budget is easy.  Follow these steps:

1)  Login to FINSYNC.

2)  Click the "Projects" tab in the top nav.

3)  Click "New Project."


4)  Complete the information about the project and choose "Save & create budget."


5)  Select the type of budget you want to use.


  • Custom Budget - Choose this option if you want to create a budget to the level of the phase and task.
  • Based on Total Cost - Use this is you know how much you want to spend and want to track how close you are to that number.
  • Based on Total Billable - Use this if you know how much you want to charge your customer and the ability to track to that.
  • Based on Total Hours - Use this if you know how much time you want your team to spend and want th ability to see how close you are to that number.

6)  Click "Continue" and set the number.  Note: Custom Budgets have their own explanation.

7)  Click "Save Budget."


Congrats! You can now start tracking your project against your budget. 

Note: You can adjust your budget on an open project at any time.  Open the project and click "Set Budget" in the top right.


All Finished!


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