Attributes: How to Create Departments & Locations

Eddie Davis -

FINSYNC uses an attributes system to help you better understand how different parts of your company are performing financially. Using departments is helpful for tracking different aspects of the company that are not necessarily related to geography. You might create departments like consumer and business or installation and maintenance.  

Alternatively, you can create locations if you wish to see how different branches of your company are performing.

Creating departments and locations is easy. Follow these steps:

1) Click "Reports" in the top nav.

2) Click "Attributes" in the left nav.


3a.) Click "New Department" if you wish to create a new department.


3b.) Toggle the view to "Locations" and click "New Location."


4) Name the department or location and click "Add..."

You can now tag activity to that department or location and run reports on specific departments or locations.

All Finished!


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