Expenses: How to Approve or Delete

Eddie Davis -

FINSYNC account owners may create users with permission only to create bills but not approve bills.  All expense claims start as unapproved as well.  The system keeps a count of unapproved items within the 'Unapproved' section of the 'Expenses' category.

Approving and rejecting bills is easy. Follow these steps:

1) Click "Expenses" in the top nav.

2) Click the "Unapproved" tab in the left nav.


Note: If you hover the cursor over the "Expenses" tab, you can select "Unapproved" from the menu.


3) Click the "Bills" tab in the top of the table.

4) Choose the box next to "Payee" to select all or choose individual bills. 

5) Click "Approve" or "Delete."


Note: You should first select bills to approve and hit approve before selecting bills to delete and then hitting delete.  Once you approve bills, they will no longer be visible in the "Unapproved" tab. They will be visible in the "Bills" and "Payables" tabs.


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