Adding and Modifying User Permissions

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Members of your organization can be given access the FINSYNC Associate's Portal, from which they can record project and payroll time, and submit expenses. You can separately give access to your company's profile and allow users to manage banking, send invoices, pay bills, and perform other accounting tasks.

As an administrator, select Settings in the upper right, and select the Sharing tab.

From the Account Sharing page, you can add new users or modify the permissions of existing users.

To add a new user:

1) Select Invite > User.

2) Select an existing user or select Add New to create a record for a new user. When adding a new user, enter the user's name. Enter an email address to which an invitation email will be sent, and which will become the user's account login.

3) As the Invitation type, select Associate's Portal if you want this user to record time for payroll and/or projects, and submit expenses. Select Company's Profile if you want to give this user specific permission to manage banking, income, expenses, and other accounting tasks.

4) If you've selected Company's Profile, you'll see a selection of permissions. Refer to the section below, "To modify a user's permission," for details on each permission setting.

5) Select Send Invite when your selections are complete. An email invitation will be sent to the user, instructing them to create an account password and to sign in.

To modify a user's permission:

1) Select the Edit Access button next to a user's name within the list of users on the Account Sharing page.

Note: You will see the user's permissions displayed in detail like this:


Each major area of FINSYNC has separate permission settings, allowing you to set individualized access. The button highlighted in blue is the permission you have chosen for that user.

Permission Types: 

  • No Access - Choose the crossed circle to block access to the selected area of FINSYNC. The user will not see that tab.
  • Manage - Users with "Manage" access can view and add/edit records. Within Income and Expenses you can set special permissions.
  • View - Users with "View" access can view most records within the section, but cannot add or edit them.
  • Can Edit Catalog - Check this box if you want the user to add and edit Service Items and Inventory Items.
  • Can Manage Attributes - Check this box if you want the user to add and edit the list of Locations and Departments in your profile.
  • Can Edit Chart of Accounts - Check this box if you want the user to add and edit your company's list of general ledger accounts.

5) Select Update Permissions at the bottom of the page to save your changes.



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