User Permissions: How to Edit

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Editing your team members' user permissions is easy. Follow these steps:

First, find your team member's permissions settings:

1)  Login to FINSYNC

2)  Open the Quick Links icon QuickLinksButton1.png in the top right corner.

3)  On the menu that opens, click "User Access" under "Manage."


4)  On the "Account Sharing" page, you will find the table of existing users with an overview of their permissions. Click "Edit Access" on the user you want to edit.

Note: You will then see that user's permissions displayed in detail like this:


Now you can edit the user settings:

Each financial function in FINSYNC has separate permissions, so you can set customized individual permissions. The button that is highlighted in blue is the permission that you have chosen for that user.

Permission Types: 

  • No Access - Choose the crossed circle (Ghostbusters symbol) if you wish to lock that user out of that portion of FINSYNC completely. They will not be able to see the tab.
  • Manage - Choose this if you want your user to be able to take action in that section of FINSYNC.

Note: Income and Expenses can be further customized. 

  • View - Choose this if you want that user to be able to see the data in that section of FINSYNC but not be able to make changes.
  • Can Edit Catalog - Check the box next to this if you wish for that person to be able to add and edit Service Items and Inventory Items.
  • Can Manage Attributes - Check the box next to this if you wish for that user to be able to add and edit Locations and Departments.

5) Click "Update Permissions" at the bottom of the page to finalize any changes you have made to that user.


All Finished!


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