Retainers on Projects: How to Add

Eddie Davis -

Adding a retainer to a project is easy but there are a couple of steps required before you can do this:

1) You must have already created and set up your customer

2) You must have already created the project and assigned it to that customer.

If you have completed the steps above, creating retainers for a project is easy. Follow these steps:

1)  Click the Quicklinks icon QuickLinksIcon.png in the top right, then select "New Invoice"


Note: If you hover over the "Income" tab and select "Invoices" you can find "New Invoice" on the right.


2)  Select your customer (the customer must have an open project).

3)  Click the "Add Retainer" button.


4)  Set the amount in dollars.

5)  Click "Add to Project."


6)  Choose the project if the customer has multiple projects.

7)  Choose the correct phase if there are multiple phases.

8) Click "Done" and the pop-up closes.


9) On the next screen toward the bottom, choose whether you want to "Send Invoice," "Save Invoice" or "Add for Approval."  You can setup payment reminders (collection reminders) and setup recurring invoices from this page.


Note: If you do not have permissions set you, may only be able to "Add for Approval" or "Save Invoice."

When the invoice is paid, you will see the payment on your project's summary page.

All Finished!


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