Vendors: How to Track for 1099s

Eddie Davis -

FINSYNC lets you track vendors for 1099s whether or not they use time tracking. This article shows how to set up 1099 tracking for new payees; then shows how to edit tracking for existing payees.

1099 tracking is easy to set up for a new vendor. Follow these steps:

1)  Click the tab for "Expenses" in the top nav.

2)  Click the tab for "Vendors" in the left nav.

3)  Click "New Vendor" in the top right.


Note: If you hover the cursor over the "Expenses" tab, you can select "Vendors" from the menu.

4)  As you set up the payee, check the "Yes" box select a classification and enter an SSN or EIN. Note: you may enter the SSN or EIN later if you don't have it when you set up the payee.



Editing 1099 tracking for an existing payee is easy as well. Follow these steps:

1)  Click the tab for "Expenses" in the top nav.

2)  Click the button for "Vendors" in the left nav.

3)  Click the row for the vendor you wish to edit.


4) On the vendor summary screen (under "Vendor" tab), make edits in the "1099-MISC" section.


5)  Toggle the "Yes" or "No" to the desired setting and then click "Save."

All Finished!


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