Sales Orders: How to Create/Send

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Sales Orders are a great way to provide your customer with all details of the contemplated transaction in such a way to track both inventory and the sales associate who initiated the order.

Once your customer approves the Sales Order, an Invoice and Purchase Order are then generated.

Setting up sales orders is easy. Follow these steps:

1)  Login to FINSYNC.

2)  Click the Quick Links QuickLinksIcon.png icon in the top right of the page, and under "Income" click "Order" to directly access the Create New Order page.


Note: You can also navigate here by clicking the "Income" tab in the top nav; then click "Orders"; then click "New Order" on the right side.


4)  On the "New Order" page you can fill out and send the order.


5)  Select a customer from the drop-down list (or add a new one).

6)  Click "New Line" until you have enough lines for your Order.

7)  Click on the “Item” field and select an item from the Catalog dropdown.

8)  The "Unit Price" defaults to what you have set in the Catalog, but you can edit the price if you wish.

9)  Edit the item quantity (Qty) to the correct amount for each item.

10)  Set the sales tax (Tax) if applicable.

11)  The "Notes" section is optional.

12)  Enter the expected Delivery Date.

13)  You are now ready to click “Send Order" now or "Save Order" for a later date.


14) Once you click "Send Order," you will receive this final confirmation:


Note: Clicking "Dont Send" will automatically save your order.  You can then make changes or cancel it from the main "Orders" page.


All Finished! 

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