Sales Orders: Converting to Purchase Orders

Eddie Davis -

Converting an outstanding Sales Order to a Purchase Order is an easy, time-saving way to order from your supplier while ensuring proper accounting and tracking.
Follow these steps:
1)  Login to FINSYNC.

2)  Click the tab for "Income" in the top navigation.
3)  Click "Order" in the left navigation.

Note: You can navigate here directly by hovering the cursor over the "Income" tab and selecting "Orders"


4)  Find the specific sales order you want to convert to a purchase order.


5a)  Hover over the down-arrow icon on the right side of the row and select "Convert to PO" from the menu.


5b) Alternatively, you can click on the row itself, then click "Create PO" at the top of the Order Detail page.


6) This screen will appear for entry of PO details:


7) Select your Payee (supplier) from the dropdown on the left.

8) Select the Customer or Project this PO is associated with from the dropdown that will appear on the right.

9) Enter the desired Payment Schedule

10) Click “Save” or “Send."


All Finished!


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