Customer Records: Creating New Customer

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FINSYNC helps you track your customer behavior and profitability. First you need to set up each customer. You can then invoice them and create projects for them.  You can also primary and other contacts associated with that customer.

Setting up customers is easy. Just follow these steps:

1)  Login to FINSYNC.

Note: Step 2 and steps 3a/3b are two ways to get to the same place.

2)  Hover the cursor over the "Income" tab in the top nav to display a menu. Click "Customers."


3a)  Alternatively, simply click the "Income" tab in the top nav (instead of hovering over it).

3b)  Click the "Customers" tab in the left nav.


4)  Click "New Customer" to add a business and a primary contact for that business.


5)  Complete the customer info to the best of your ability. As soon as you complete the required fields, the "Save Customer" button will become active.

6)  Complete the Primary Contact information.  Note: Once you complete the required fields for the primary contact, you will be able to set up other contacts for this customer.


7)  Optional: Click "Add Another Contact" and you will be able to set up another contact. "Save" for the contact will become active when you have completed the required fields.  You can continue adding extra contacts as required.

8)  When you have added all of the contacts you wish to associate to this customer, click "Save Customer."

Note: Your primary contact will be marked with a star beside their name.  You can also edit the contact information by clicking the pencil next to a contact.


All Done!


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