Project Profitability: How to Track

Eddie Davis -

Project profitability is the difference between what you can bill to your customer and what you have paid out to your team members and for out of pocket expenses.

Tracking project profitability is easy. There is only ONE step:

1)  Click the "Projects" tab in the top nav, and the Projects summary page opens.  

  • In the top right, the Running P (L) Box is your total profitability across all projects.
  • Within the table, the Running P (L) Column shows how specific project is doing from a profitability standpoint.


Note: You can see profitability at the level of each individual project and profitability at the level of all of your projects (both Active and Completed).  Use the filter and search button on the left to organize your list.

Check back as you start to complete projects in FINSYNC, and you will be able to put together better bids and more profitable projects.


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