Project Expenses & Bills: How to Link

Eddie Davis -

Projects are a great way to keep track of both time (tasks) and bills to understand job costing and project profitability.

Note: You can add bills to Projects in two ways: through the Expense tab or through the Projects tab.  This article shows how to add bills through the Projects tab.

Adding expenses and bills to a project is easy. To create a new expense for a project, read here.  To link an existing bill to a project, read the next section.

To create a new bill or new expense and link it to an existing project...

1)  Click on the "Projects" tab, then open the project to which the expense belongs.


2)  Click the "Expenses" tab to see those currently linked to the project.  

3)  Click "Add Expense" to create a new expense (or bill) associated with the project.


4)  Complete the "New Expense" form.  Note: You can create a bill by marking the box and selecting a payee.

5) Click "Add Expense."



To link an existing bill to a project, follow these steps:

1)  Click on the "Expenses" tab in the top nav.

2)  Click on "Bills" in the left nav.


Note: Navigate here directly by hovering the cursor over "Expenses" tab and select "Bills" from the menu


3)  Select the specific bill you want to link to a project.

4)  Click "Edit Bill" at the bottom.


5)  Click "Add to Project" to link this bill to an existing project.


6)  Complete the form and click "Done."


All Finished!


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