Bank Accounts: Remove Synced Accounts

Eddie Davis -

Once you have synced all of your bank accounts and credit cards, you may have more accounts than you really need.

This happens when you use one login at your financial institution to access both personal and business accounts, or business accounts for multiple entities.

Removing synced bank accounts is easy. Follow these steps:

1)  Login to FINSYNC

2)  Click "Banking" in the top navigation.

3)  Choose the account you want to remove in the left nav (or click "Settings" then select the account)

4)  Click "Settings" in the top right of the page.


5)  Make sure the correct account is selected. If it is, click "Delete Account" in the top right.


7)  Follow the prompts to confirm deletion.

Note: You cannot delete bank accounts that are default accounts, have reconciled transactions, or from which online payments have been made.

You can repeat this step for any bank or credit card accounts that you do not want to see in your FINSYNC business profile.

All Finished!


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