Payroll: How to Use Reports

Eddie Davis -

FINSYNC gives you and your team members great reporting for payroll.

Accessing your payroll reports is easy. Follow these steps:

1)  Open FINSYNC.

2)  Click on the tab for "Payroll" in the top nav.

3)  Click on the "Report" button in the top right (of the Current Pay Run page).


4)  There are 5 functions on reports, 4 are accessed by clicking "Options" on the right.

  • Pay run report - In the Pay Run report function, you may select Current Run, which is the default setting; or, by using the pulldown arrow, select past pay runs as well and the one currently in process.
  • View paystubs - In View Paystubs you have one employee per page to view. The paystub will display current as well as year-to-date information.
  • Download paystubs - For a printable version, you will need to choose Download paystubs.
  • Email paystubs - To send a copy to each employee using the email in their file, use Email paystubs. This option is an all or nothing process. Each time the function is used all employees will be emailed a pay stub. If only one is needed, print the stub and either present it in person to the employee or scan and email it to them.
  • Download reports - Download report allows you to print the report or save it electronically outside the FINSYNC system.


All Finished!


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