Customer Records: How to Edit

Eddie Davis -

Editing existing customers is easy.  You can make changes to contacts, addresses and more as needed.

Follow these steps to edit your customers:

1)  Login to FINSYNC.

2)  Click the "Income" tab in the top nav.

3)  Click the "Customers" button in the left nav.


Note: If you hover the cursor over the "Income" tab, you can select "Quotes" from the dropdown menu.


4)  Click the row of the customer you wish to edit (do not click the down-arrow on the right).


5)  You will find the existing info about the customer in the highlighted tabs.


Note: FINSYNC also tracks all activity and projects to each customer.

6)  Click the "Customer" tab to edit the info specifically about the customer.  Clicking "Edit" over each section will let you edit those areas.


7)  Click "Save" to lock in your changes.


8)  Click "Contact" to edit your existing contacts and add new ones. The star in the left column is the default primary contact.

9) Click the star on a different row to make a different customer primary. Click "New Contact" if you wish to add a new contact, click the pencil icon to edit an existing contact.



9)  Click "Notes" if you want to take notes on a customer. They will be saved by date of creation.

10) You can create new notes (click "New Note") or modify existing notes (click the pencil icon). They are saved and sortable by date. Click "Save" to lock in changes or a new note.


All Finished!


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