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Eddie Davis -

FINSYNC is unique in that your company may utilize FINSYNC's Lockbox service to receive and deposit checks that your customers send in the mail (snail mail). Lockbox is designed to help you streamline your financial operations and run a paperless office if you so choose.

Lockbox is an optional, paid service wherein you can use FINSYNC to receive and deposit checks to your default Income Bank Account. 

Setting up lockbox for invoices is easy. Follow these steps:

1)  Login to FINSYNC.

2)  Click the "Income" tab in the top nav.

3)  Click the "Settings" button.


4)  On the "Settings" screen, change the setting next to "Enable Lockbox?" to "Yes."

5)  The address input fields will disappear and instead you will see your Lockbox address.


6)  With Lockbox enabled, your customers that desire to pay by mail will see your Lockbox address on your invoices in their inbox and also if they click to pay online.



Payment Portal:


All Finished!


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