Service Catalog Items: How to Set Up

Eddie Davis -

Setting up your service catalog is a great way to streamline your invoicing and projects.  Service catalog items are services that you provide for which you wish to set up a default price.

Once you create service catalog items, they become available to use throughout FINSYNC.

Setting up is easy.  Follow these steps:

1)  Login to FINSYNC.

2)  Click "Catalog" in the top navigation.

3)  Click "Service" in the left navigation.

4)  Click "New Item."


5)  Choose a Sales Account.  If you do not see the correct one, click "Add Account" and you will be adding a new Chart of Accounts account.

6)  Give the item a name. This is what you are doing.  If you are creating a "rent" as a service, you may wish to use the address of the property.

7)  Set the price.  Use "hourly" for services where each hour added should be billed on top.  Use "fixed" for items such as rent or subscriptions.

8)  Click "Save."


Now your new Service Catalog item is available for use with invoicing and projects!

All Finished!


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