Bank Accounts & Credit Cards: How to Find & Sync

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FINSYNC is most powerful when you sync your company's bank accounts and charge cards (credit cards). Once synced, FINSYNC can import your bank and charge card transactions automatically. Note that you DO NOT need to sync debit cards.

Syncing your Bank Accounts and Credit Cards is easy. Follow these steps:

1)  Gather your login and password for each financial entity's commercial website as well as your routing and account numbers.

2)  Login to FINSYNC

3)  Click "Banking" in the top navigation bar.

4)  Click on the "+ Add Account" in the left navigation bar. 


5)  Choose the correct account type.


6) Fill out your account information.

7) Click "Continue"


8) Choose the correct bank account if multiple banks match the bank name you chose.



9) Fill in your login and password as you would when you login directly to that institution.

10) Click "Continue."


If You Cannot Find Your Bank: Larger institutions may have multiple options.  Your specific type of credit card or bank account may be more easily found using a single word as your search term. 

Try using different search terms. Sometimes the bank name that you are familiar with does not match the listed name.

Example: The bank that most of us know as BB&T is listed as BB Business Bank, which can be found by searching "BB."

Example: Instead of searching "JP Morgan Chase Bank Commercial Card" try using only "Chase" and find your specific credit card or bank account type from the list of results. In this case it is listed as "Chase J.P.Morgan.

If you choose the wrong bank, do not worry, you can always go back! You will know that you have chosen correctly if the URL displayed by the FINSYNC system matches the URL where you usually login to your bank. (The URL is shown after step 8)

11)  The system will start to pull down your transactions.  

Debit and Credit Cards: Debit cards pull from your bank account, so they DO NOT need to be synced. Credit cards have their own balance, so they DO need to be synced.

All Finished!


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