Cash Advance Application Process

Eddie Davis -

Note: FINSYNC's cash advance feature is in beta testing. If you would like access, please send a request to

The FINSYNC application process works as follows:

1) Follow the steps to submit the first batch of invoices against which you would like to see receive an advance as detailed in How to Submit Invoices for a Cash Advance

2) You will receive contract(s) from the lenders in the FINSYNC marketplace which will enable you to receive funds on the invoices submitted in step 1 and additionally submit further invoices for a pre-approved period of time.

3) Please review the terms of the agreement(s).

4) Sign the agreement that best suits your needs electronically if you would like to proceed.

Note: If you choose not to proceed, the blocks on your submitted invoices will be removed after you notify that you do not wish to proceed.

5) If both parties are in agreement, your lender will wire your first advance into your account. 

6) Any customers who owe money on invoices for which you have already received an advance will receive a notification that they must make payment through FINSYNC, either using the lockbox for paper checks or ACH on your electronic invoices.

7) The next time you request an advance within the pre-approved time frame, paperwork will not be required.

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