How to Edit Paid Invoices

Eddie Davis -

Invoices in FINSYNC can be edited until they are paid. An invoice that is paid has a status of "Matched," which means it is matched to a corresponding transaction in your bank account. 

If you need to edit an invoice that has been paid, you can temporarily change the status to unpaid, make your edits, and then change the status back to "Matched."

Follow these steps:


1. Click the banking tab and find the transaction that corresponds to the invoice you want to edit.

2. Click the red "X" to unmatch that transaction from the invoice.


3. Head over to the Income-->Invoices and you should now see that the invoice has a status of "Unpaid."


4. Use the drop down arrow and click "Edit."


5. You can now make whatever edits are required as well as add attributes.

6. Be sure to scroll to the bottom and click "Save" to lock in your changes.


7. You now have the invoice the way you want it with a status of unpaid. Head back to over to banking and find the transaction that you unmatched in step 1 and click "Apply to Receivable."


8. Find the invoice that you edited and check the box on its row.

9. Click "Match" in the top right.


If you go back to Income-->Invoices, you'll see that your edited invoice now has a status of "Matched."


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