Correcting Bank Feed Transaction Issues

Eddie Davis -

FINSYNC connects to most US-based banks and credit card of any size and is able to automatically import transactions.  While many institutions do a great job of keeping their technical specifications up to date, there are a few that don't which may result in either omission or duplication of bank transactions.

Using FINSYNC's Bank Rec tool makes it easy to spot these issues. You can open it from the top right of each account's summary screen.



Correcting duplication is easy. Simply click on the duplicate transaction to open the edit menu can click delete. Deleting a bank transaction here will remove it from bank tab and also the reports.


Occasionally, the bank connection may fail to pull in a transaction. You may notice this by using the bank rec tool and there is an option to create an adjusting entry.  However, if you know what the missing transaction is, you should do a partial save and then create a new transaction on the bank ledger screen.


This will create the entry in your reporting as well.

NOTE: You may be tempted to create an adjusting journal entry from the reports tab. You should not do that as it will not create the new transaction on the banking tab.  More on this topic.

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