Payroll: How to Create Multiple Direct Deposit Accounts

Eddie Davis -

Employees paid through FINSYNC Payroll may receive their pay to multi bank accounts.

Follow these steps to set up each account:

1.  Click "Payroll" in the top nav.

2.  Click "Associates" in the left nav.


3. Click the name of the team member for whom you would like to set up bank accounts.


4. Click "Edit" above the "Pay Details" section.


5. Check the box for "Pay this associate via direct deposit."

6. Fill out the required fields and choose whether the account is a checking or savings account.

7. Click "Add Account" and repeat the process.


8. Fill out the details of Bank Account 2.

9. Choose whether the amount paid to Bank Account 2 should be a fixed amount in dollars or a percentage of your total pay.  Note: Bank Account 1 will receive the rest of the associate's pay.


10.  You may optionally set up a third account, etc.

11.  When you have set up all accounts and their allocations, scroll back up to the top and click "Save."



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