How to Enable Paypal for Invoices

Eddie Davis -

Paypal customers may integrate their Paypal business accounts with FINSYNC and then allow customers to make payment by Paypal or charge card through Paypal on FINSYNC invoices.

Follow these steps to enable Paypal payments through FINSYNC invoices:

1.  Click "Invoice" in the top nav.

2.  Click "Settings" in the top right.


3.  Scroll down and "Add Payment Service."

4.  Choose "Paypal."


5. On the popup, choose "Yes."  Note: You will not be able to connect a personal Paypal account, but you can upgrade to a business account by logging in directly to Paypal before completing this step.


6.  Choose the default Deposit Account. This will be where Paypal will deposit funds when your customers pay you.

7.  Choose the General Ledger account for Paypal's fees. This expense category for Paypal fees that will appear on your Income Statement and other financial reports.

8.  Click "Connect."


9. You'll now be on Paypal's website. Enter your email address (associated with your business profile on Paypal).

10.  Click "Next."


11. Enter your email.

12. Enter your password.

13.  Click "Log In."


14.  Click "I Give Permission."


15.  Follow the rest of the steps to complete the process.


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