Applying Bank Payments to Payables

Eddie Davis -

When you a pay bill using FINSYNC's ACH or remote check-cutting service, a pending bank transaction will be created that will automatically be matched when the bank transaction is imported with a cleared date.

If you pay a bill outside of FINSYNC, you'll want to match the payment to the payable (bill) for good record keeping.

Follow these steps:

1) Open the "Banking" tab in the top nav.

2) Find  the row of the transaction and click the dropdown arrow on the far right.

3) Choose "Apply to Payable."


4) Find the correct bill and select it by checking the box in the left column. Note: if the dollars match perfectly, you'll see "$0.00 left" next to the "Match" button

5) Click "Match."


6) You'll automatically be taken back to the banking page with a "Transaction Matched Successfully." message. You'll also notice that the general ledger account for that transaction has now been changed to "Payable."

7) You'll now a flag that says "Bill #-------." You can use the red "x" to unmatch the transaction if you picked the wrong bill.



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