Bank Accounts: Sorting & Search

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The bank tab in FINSYNC has a number of features to make it easy to find transactions.


Follow these steps to adjust the number of transactions per page.

1)  Go to "Banking" in the top nav.

2)  Click the "Show" drop down labeled "25 per page" by default.

3)  Choose your preferred number of transactions per page.

4)  You can now use the "Page" controls on the right to jump to particular pages, each with the number of transactions you selected.



The header of each bank account and charge card account allow you to quickly filter the bank transactions.

1)  Click the "[#] uncategorized" text to jump to only uncategorized transactions.


2)  You can also use the "Categorized/Uncategorized/All" to switch out of the view and only see categorized transactions or go back to the default view, which shows all transactions.


3)  Use the original and splits dropdown to control how you view split transactions. "Originals & Splits" shows your child transactions but not the parent transaction. Child transaction have an icon with three rows. "Originals" shows only parent transactions and not child transactions.



FINSYNC's search can be used to be even more specific about which transactions to show.

1)  Click the magnifying glass icon in the top left of the bank header to open the search options.


2)  If you want to search by amount, use the "=" dropdown if you want to search by amount.  You can choose equal to, greater than or equal to, or less than or equal to.  You should type the amount in the amount field.


3) Use the "Amount" drop down to choose a general ledger account.


4) Use the description field to search for any description that you or your financial institution might have used.


4) Use the "Beginning Date" and/or "End Date" to further narrow to a specific date range.


5) Once you have used some of the options above, click "Search" to see the results based on your criteria.



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