Expense Claims: How to Review & Process

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FINSYNC allows team members who have rights to the Associate's Portal to submit expense claims for reimbursement. When a user wants to get reimbursed, they use the app to explain what they spent money on and optionally submit a copy of the receipt as an attached image file.

As a bill pay admin, expense claims will appear to either be accepted or rejected. 

Each accepted expense claim becomes a bill that can be paid to the team member through the bill pay tab.

Each rejected expense claim disappears from the bill pay unapproved tab and updates the team member, who can make changes and re-submit if desired (submit a new expense claim).

As a bill pay admin, follow these steps to review and process expense claims:

1) Click "Expense" in the top nav.

2) Click "Unapproved" in the left nav or dropdown.

3) Click either the row in the table or the "Expense Claims" tab.


4) Click the row of the team member whose expense claims you would like to review to see all claims submitted.


5) Click the paperclip icon on the row of the transaction you are reviewing see the image file.


6) Review the image file and close the viewer by clicking the "X" in the top right.


7) Check the box for one or multiple transactions to be approved and click the "APPROVE" button.

8) Check the box for one or multiple transactions to be rejected and click the "REJECT" button.


Note: approved expense claims become payable bills in the bills tab. You'll need to go there to process payment to your team members.


Note : Image files may be uploaded in the following formats: jpg, gif, png, and pdf.

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