Projects: Using Custom Pay Rates

Eddie Davis -

The labor cost calculated on projects is calculated by multiplying the number of hours tracked by the hourly rate. FINSYNC assigns a default rate to all team members when you set them up, regardless of their pay type. However, on the associate settings in payroll you can set up a custom rate and use it in projects.

Follow these steps to choose your custom rate instead of the default rate on project tasks:

1. Open your project.

2. Open an existing task by clicking the row in the tasks view or create a new one.


2. Click the row of the task to open the task settings.


3. Click the "Assigned Associates" tab in the task pop up.


4. Click the check box for the associate you want to add or skip this step if the associate is already assigned to the task.

5. Use the Select Rate dropdown to pick the custom rate.

6. Click "Save."


Repeat this process for all tasks for which you would like to use the custom rate.


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