How to Set Up Employee Benefits to be Paid Through FINSYNC

Eddie Davis -

Each team member can have benefits added to their payroll. You'll need to repeat this process for each employee.

Setting up a benefit is easy.  Follows these steps:

1. Be sure the payee is already set up.  This is where the money will be sent to fund the benefit.  Follow the steps found here to set up a payee: Adding and Editing Payees

2. Click "Payroll" in the top nav.

3. Click "Associates" in the left nav or the dropdown.

4. Click the row of the associate to whom you want to give the benefit.


5. Click "Benefits" in the associate menu.


6. Click "New Benefit" or "Add One."


7. Choose a "Benefit Type." If you do not see the category listed, choose "Other" at the bottom of the list.


8. Choose the "Payee," which is where the money will be sent.


9. Set up the Associate and Employee contributions. You may need to consult with your accountant or head of finance as well as the Associate for optional benefits. Note: the "For" field will be the description of this benefit that appears on the Associate's paystub.

It is extremely important to be sure you choose the correct option for pre-tax or after tax. 


10. Click "Save."


Note: you can add as many benefits as you need by repeating this process.

All finished! 

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